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Meetings and Workshops

Third General Meeting of the SPP 1833 in Göttingen 2018

The Third General Meeting of the SPP 1833 “Building a Habitable Earth” is scheduled for March 21-23, 2018, at the “Alte Mensa”, Wilhelmsplatz 1, in Göttingen. Participation is mandatory for all principal investigators and researchers involved in projects funded within SPP 1833. We also recommend that researchers who submitted proposals for the second period of the SPP present their project ideas.

The registration and abstract submission for our General SPP Meeting “Early Earth evolution” 2018 has closed.

Travel expenses for SPP scientists will be covered by the coordination office. Travel grants for external participants are also available, please contact the SPP coordination office (

Please find the programme here.



Application of diffusion studies to the determination of timescales in geochemistry and petrology

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

1-5 October 2018

The course is directed at petrologists, geochemists, volcanologists and planetary scientists interested in retrieving information on timescales of processes from their rocks. Such information might include the residence times of magmas in their reservoirs, the cooling- or exhumation rates of rocks, the duration of terrestrial or extraterrestrial (e.g. parent bodies of meteorites) metamorphism, the duration of fluid flow (e.g. metasomatism by fluids / melts in the crust or mantle), and the evaluation and application of closure temperatures. 
Our focus will be high temperature processes. Therefore "high temperature Thermochronometry" or "Geospeedometry" are related keywords that may describe the course contents.

Goals and expected profile of participants:
Previous experience with numerical modeling or programming is not required, but an interest in learning the rudiments of these tools is. One of the objectives of the course, however, is to demonstrate how much it is possible to accomplish without any or with very little programming. The basic information on diffusion that is required for carrying out such calculations will be provided, but this is not a course designed to cover all aspects of diffusion in minerals and melts. 
In addition to instruction via lectures, a major component of the course will be hands on training to enable participants to "do your own" modeling. Participants will be expected to bring their own laptop computers. All instruction and exercises will be in English.
The course material will be designed for graduate students or post-docs starting off in the fields mentioned above, but participants with all levels of experience and expertise are of course welcome. To maintain the hands-on nature of the course, we expect to restrict the number of participants to around 35, to be given out on a first come first serve basis.

Travel grants for SPP PhD students and post-docs are available, please send a CV and a motivation letter to

Further Information and Web:
More details on course content and information on details of travel, accommodation etc. and other updates will be provided in a Short course webpage to be opened shortly under



Radiogenic and Non-traditional Isotopes: Analytical Methods and Applications

Goethe University Frankfurt

6-9 March 2018

This short course focuses on the analyses of stable and radiogenic isotopes (e.g. LI, B, Fe, Sr, Mo, Nd, Hf, W, U-Th-Pb, U) as well as trace elements in rocks and minerals by laser ablation and solution-based ICP-MS and SIMS. Presentations comprise technical aspects about instrumentation, methods and a wide range range of applications with emphasis on geochronology, processes on early Earth and in the solar system, composition and evolution of oceans and continental crust. Here you will find the flyer and the programme.

The course is designed for PhD students and post-docs with some knowledge on isotopes geology and is given as individual lectures by experts on the field (Frankfurt and external). However, interested MSc students are also welcome.

Travel grants for SPP researchers are available, please send a CV and a motivation letter to

gerdes(at) (subject "RNI shourt course").

Deadline: 12.02.2018



Previous Workshops

During the first funding period, several Meetings, Workshops and Field Workshops have been held by the SPP 1833. Reports about these events can be found in the news archive.



Field Workshops


August 18-27, 2016

South Africa