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Call for Proposals


First Call for Proposals (ended in Dec 2014)

Proposals are welcome that employ “Earth Science” - based approaches to study the early geological history of the Earth, using observations from geological samples of Archean to Early Proterozoic age and from extraterrestrial samples related to Earth’s formation. These two groups of samples provide the only vestige of Earth’s early evolution.

In addition, we invite complementary proposals involving experimental studies and computational approaches that address key problems of Earth’s early evolution. This particularly concerns important processes during the Hadean eon (e.g., magma ocean formation, core formation or late veneer addition), where no direct geological vestige is preserved.

The Priority Programme explicitly invites contributions from Earth Science disciplines such as geology, geodynamics, geochemistry, petrology, planetology, cosmochemistry, geobiology and geophysics. Proposals need to cover approaches, where direct observations from the geological record or from extraterrestrial samples are made or where models or experiments directly simulate key processes occur ring in the early Earth.

Hence, the focus of this programme does not include astrobiological studies, early Earth analogues such as exoplanets, comparative planetary studies, theoretical models unrelated to the geological record, or astronomical observations.

Central to the programme will be the chemical inventory and evolution of the different reservoirs in the Earth and its aste roidal building blocks, the chemical differentiation of Earth into a metal core, silicate mantle, differentiated crust, hydrosphere and atmosphere, as well as the complex interactions and feedback loops of these reservoirs with the evolving biosphere that successfully made Earth a life sustaining environment.

The three key topics central to the Priority Programme are:

  • the compositions and sources of Earth’s building materials and the growth of the Earth,
  • the Earth’s early internal processing into crust, mantle, and core, and the early evolution of these reservoirs,
  • the early evolution of Earth’s ocean - atmosphere - biosphere system from the first atmosphere until the great oxidation event.

If you have further questions about the call, don't hesitate to contact the coordination office ( SPP-1833(at)uni-koeln.de) or the DFG representatives (Dr. Tim Haarmann, phone +49 228 885-2328,  tim.haarmann(at)dfg.de or Udo Frinke, phone +49 228 885-2742,  udo.frinke(at)dfg.de).

To keep updated, please register for the SPP email list by mailing to SPP-1833(at)uni-koeln.de.