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Field Workshop

SPP Field Workshop in Pilbara (Augut 28 - September 5)

From August, 28th to September, 5th, researchers of the SPP 1833 will visit the Pilbara region in NW-Australia to investigate the oldest early Archean rocks of Australia. Martin van Kranendonk and Tim Johnson will lead this excursion, including, for instance, various key sediment units and their stromatolites, komatiite-basalt associations, TTGs, impact rocks and Hamersley Gorges banded iron formations. For this workshop, up to 20 travel grants of 1400 € for PhD-students and PostDocs are available (exceeding costs have to be covered individually).

All participants will have to book their individual flights to Port Hedland. Please note that adequate physical fitness and very good field skills are absolutely required for this Field Workshop as we will be camping and temperature levels are 30°C and higher.

Deadline: 30.01.2017


Field Workshops


August 18-27, 2016

South Africa

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  • Banded Iron Formation in the Pilbara Region (Photo: C. Münker)
  • Archean Pillow Lava (Photo: C. Münker)